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Purvis, MS


over 3 years ago

Each HS II student MUST have two binders for the school year. One should be a 2 inch class room binder and a separate 1 inch binder for a clinical journal. Notebooks will be graded throughout the semester and as a final grade at the end of the semester.

  1. UNIFORMS: Uniforms Etc; Wal-Mart, and Scrubs and More all have maroon and navy V-neck scrubs. They must be maroon and navy, not red, royal, or other shade. The pants cannot touch the floor and if they are split up the legs, they must be neatly hemmed. The average price is $25.00. Scrubs and More said they would price match. Wal-Mart is in the same general price range. You can purchase as many sets as you desire. The style must be approved by the instructors, so keep your receipts. They must purchase one of each color. Uniforms will be rotated on a M-W-F and T-Th during the week.

  1. NAMES must be embroidered on the scrub tops, without which you cannot go to clinicals. This eliminates the risk of losing name tags or badges. Every student has to be identified. The color of thread must be white and it must read as the example:

                ‘student name’-(first and last name)

                 LCCTE-Health Science

Do not use nick names; use only the name we use in the classroom. Font should

be ‘Times New Roman’. They must all match. The uniform stores usually charge

around $5.00 for the embroidery. Font size should be “12”.

  1. IMMUNIZATIONS:                                                                                                                              a) TB skin test-within the last year of attending clinical- $15.00

           b) HBV- a series of 3 shots; they are the same price at any health department or rural health            clinic. It will be more expensive at the doctor’s office. Most students received these during                  routine childhood immunizations, so most may not need these.

           c) Tetanus- updated within the last 5 years, same price at the health department or rural                  health clinic. Some shots under the age of 18 are free. Ask them about tetanus.

If your child has had any of these ‘lately’ please bring their shot record so we can verify the dates and make a copy. Your child may not complete the HBV series before they start clinicals, but get as many as you can. They should have had at least two by the time we start clinicals. We cannot require these to be done, except the TB, but they are strongly suggested by all the clinical areas we go into. When your child turns 18-19, the price usually doubles. They will be required if they go to any college in a medical program, and it will cost more then. Get them now to save money later. We attempt every semester to make a trip to the Lamar County Health Dept. to allow students an opportunity to get their immunizations but due to different things that could come up we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do this.

If you or your child refuses the shots, you will need to sign a form regarding liability and a declination form.

  1. HOSA DUES: $15.00- This includes local, state, and national dues. Membership to HOSA is optional. This is an organization that allows students to compete locally and nationally. We have a lot of fun and it gives them a lot of community hours of service and a professional organization to belong to that can carry over to college. It is an honored group and supports leadership and community awareness that will help them in the future.

Your children will be the officers for the upcoming year, so please understand that they will be required to attend all three conferences and participate to the fullest if they choose to run. They also have the option to run for a state office as well.

  1. SHOES: Must be white and have closed toes and closed heels. This is part of the safety policy we must follow. They can be regular tennis shoes. No ‘slides’ are allowed.

  1. ACCESSORIES: We do not require a lab coat, but often it does get cool. If your child desires to purchase a lab jacket, long sleeved t-shirts, etc…they must be white. NO other colors are allowed! No jewelry should be worn during clinical other than a watch with a second hand, which all students will need for vital signs.

Your child can wear their uniforms all day even at their home school after clinicals are over,

that way no time is lost having to change during the day. (unless they have to for another

class, but we do not allow time to change after they get to the center or at the clinic; they

will have to change at their home school.)

By Deanna Dunaway RN