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Technical Center Class Schedule

2 years ago



Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Block 1

Block 2

SECOND year students
Automotive Services II, Construction Technology II, Engineering II, Health Sciences II, Metal Fabrication II, Teacher Academy II, & Unmaned Aerial (Drones) II
2 blocks, 2 credits


FIRST & SECOND year students
Automotive Services II, Construction Technology I, Engineering II, Health Sciences II, Metal Fabrication II, Teacher Academy II, & Unmanned Aerial (Drones) II

2 blocks, 2 credits


Block 3

FIRST year students, 2 credits (One Block - All Year)
Automotive Services I, Construction Technology I, Engineering I, Health Sciences I, Metal Fabrication I, Teacher Academy I, & Unmanned Aerial (Drones) I
1 block - All Year, 2 credits 

Block 4




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Lamar County Center for Technical Education

Real skills for the Real World

At LCCTE, teachers and staff offer a unique experience to engage students in a variety of programs, combining academic and technical skills, while preparing them for opportunities beyond high school.  Whether students are college bound or ready to start their careers, CTE programs offer a combination of academic rigor, technical skill development, and the soft skills that will set them apart in both college and the workplace. Students have opportunities to earn various scholarships as well as industry certifications. 

Programs Offered at LCCTE

  • Automotive Service Technology
  • Construction Technology
  • Engineering
  • Health Sciences
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Teacher Academy
  • UAS / Drones

Teacher Academy

Instructions to purchase voluntary school day accident/athlete insurance. Go tohttp://www.​K12StudentInsurance.comto begin.

a.   Click on icon 1. Browse Rates lcon at top of webpage

b.   Click on State and choose your State, Mississippi, then click the school district, Lamar County School District , to view rates.

c.  Click on icon 2. Open New Account and put in user information.

d.  Go to icon 3. My Account Login to complete the transaction.

Included for your use are:

1.            K-12 Claim Form - We have also included a PDF of the claim form with instructions on how to submit a claim online, via US Mail or via email.

2.            PDF of the Brochure in English/Spanish

3.            HSR's Online Flyer for Voluntary Student Insurance Enrollment. This flyer provides easy-to-understand instructions (in English & Spanish) and directions for enrolling online athttp://www.​K12StudentInsurance.com. The process is very simple. Each parent enrolling their student will receive a confirmation of coverage email and can view and download the plan benefits.