Admissions Details

The Lamar County Center for Technical Education is an equal opportunity educational institution. Students are admitted and treated equally without regard to race, color, creed or national origin.

In general, students interested in entering a CTE program should have a C or higher in their most recent math & English classes. Some programs have more specific requirements which are listed below.

Regular attendance is necessary to be successful in the CTE programs. A student's attendance will be reviewed prior to admission into the program.

In order to provide the safest learning environment, persistent and/or serious discipline infractions may prevent placement into a technical program. Discipline will be reviewed prior to admission into the program.

Students with an IEP who wish to participate in a technical program must meet similar enrollment criteria as non-IEP students. A representative from LCCTE will attend IEP meetings for those who participate in a CTE program.

All students must apply for admission to LCSD CTE programs.

All rising sophomores and juniors in Lamar County are eligible to apply. Priority will be given to LCSD student requests followed by non-public school student requests. Applications will be accepted for all programs until the programs are filled.

Additional requirements for acceptance into specific programs:

Engineering - C or higher in Algebra I

Health Science - B or higher in Biology I

Software Development - ACT score

In order to advance in the program to year 2, students must end year 1 with a C average (Health Science 75); in addition, students' attendance & discipline will also be reviewed.

Additional requirements for year 2 in specific programs:

A valid driver's license & valid liability insurance is required for year 2 in Early Childhood, Health Science, & Teacher Academy.

Health Science students are required to purchase scrubs and to obtain all necessary inoculations for clinicals.