What is Engineering?

The Engineering program focuses on pre-engineering, robotics, and automated manufacturing for high school students. The purpose of the program is to provide pupils with expanded knowledge of the use of critical thinking, analysis, problem solving, and technological skills and to enable them to apply knowledge in a technological context. Hands-on experiences related to the application of engineering concepts in the workplace are central to all portions of this course. Students will develop academic, 21st century, and human relations skills and competencies that accompany technical skills for job success to help foster lifelong learning. Students who complete the program will be better prepared to enter and succeed in the engineering and STEM-related workforce or programs offered by Mississippi community and junior colleges, as well as institutions of higher education.

What's happening in Engineering?
Course Details

Engineering 1 Units
1 Orientation and Student Organizations
2 Ethics and Safety
3 Engineering Design Process and Technical Writing
4 Computer-Aided Design and Drafting

5 Modern Manufacturing Systems
6 Introduction to Mechanical Systems and Robotics

Engineering 2 Units

7 Safety Review
8 Capstone
9 Advanced Computer-Aided Design

10 Advanced Robotics
11 Introduction to Electrical Systems
12 Introduction to Fluid Power Systems
13 Introduction to Thermal Systems

Possible Year 1 Projects:

Projects:(subject to change)

Bridge Design                             Catapult/Trebuchet Design

Chair/Table Design                    Concrete Cylinder Design

Solidworks CAD Design

VEX Robotics Design and Programming

Possible Year 2 Projects:

Solidworks CAD Project

VEX Robotics Project

Creating Electrical circuits

Soldering Electrical circuits

Hydraulics Project

Thermal Project

Capstone Project