What is Agriculture?

Course Description - Principles of Agriculture is a one-credit course designed to introduce students to the sciences, technologies, and applied practices of the progressive agriculture/agriscience industry. Emphasis is on an active learning environment enriched with technology and science-based applications. The course serves as the entry-level course for other courses in agriculture, including horticulture and forestry. The focus is to begin the preparation of students for further study leading to successful careers in the agriculture industry.

Concepts of Agriscience (One Carnegie Unit)- Units 1 Introduction to AEST 2 Agricultural Leadership and Career Development 3 Introduction to Experiential Learning (SAE) 4 Basic Soil Science 5 Introduction to the Science of Agricultural Plants 6 Introduction to the Science of Agricultural Animals 7Introduction to theScience of the Agricultural Environment 8 Introduction to the Science of Agricultural Mechanization 9Introduction to Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship

What is happening in Ag?