What is Engineering?

Engineering I teaches students the history of engineering and the careers associated with the field. The students will also learn the foundations and fundamentals of engineering and materials, as well as the engineering design process and the steps one follows for successful design planning. Additionally, students are introduced to the advanced concepts of 3-D sketching and modeling with CAD software. The course introduces students to the field of robotics in engineering. It also focuses on several fields of engineering specialization.

Engineering II focuses on the four systems: electrical, fluid, mechanical, and thermal. This course teaches students the concepts of digital electronic control system technology, focusing on electronics, gates, and truth tables. Students will also learn valuable workforce readiness skills and participate in advanced programming robotic equipment, including Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

What's happening in Engineering?

Course Overview

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Selena Parker

Engineering I


1       Orientation, Ethics, and Safety 

2       Engineering Design Process, History, and Careers

3       Industrial Engineering Focus

4       Civil Engineering Focus

5       Sketching and Modeling 

6       Introduction to Robotics

7       Environmental Engineering Focus 

8       Electrical Engineering Focus  

9       Computer Engineering Focus

Projects: (subject to change)

Bridge Design                             Catapult/Trebuchet Design

Chair/Table Design                    Concrete Cylinder Design                    

Thermos Design                         Solidworks CAD Design

VEX Robotics Design and Programming

Engineering II 



8       The Four Systems

9       CIM—Computer Integrated Manufacturing

10     Advanced Robotics

11     Digital Electronic Control System Technology

12     Workforce Readiness

  • completed Algebra I with a C or higher
  • C or higher in most recent math & English
  • good attendance
  • good discipline record
  • independent worker